Gascorp is the wholesale branch of Budget Petrol. Our customers range from Retail, Wholesale and Industrial applications. We offer high quality petroleum products at very competitive prices within the wholesale market.
We currently supply fuel products to:

Service Stations

Industrial Facilities

Bulk Fuel Facilities

We can help you if your business falls into any of these categories. We continue to guarantee our fuel products and offer competitive pricing to every one of our customers.

We have the flexibility to deliver anywhere anytime due to our own high quality fleet of trucks. Our logistics are well arranged and maintained to offer only the highest levels of service to our customers. Our fleet provide efficient, effective and safe delivery of fuels to all our service station and industrial customers.

Our drivers are highly trained professionals who have been in the industry for many years. Together they employ safe practices which ensure the wellbeing of the public at all times.

Contact us now for further details or to become a wholesale customer.