Great Volume Based Discounts In Addition To Already Competitively Discounted Board Prices At Budget Petrol Outlets

  • Available at all Budget Petrol Outlets. Not near an outlet? that’s ok, Fuel 1 card is accepted at any WEX Merchant (90% of petrol stations across Australia).
  • The Fuel 1, 45 day credit facility can be tailored to your needs and cash flow.
  • Accounting made easy. All cards can be PIN enabled and the online portal gives you the ability to access and manage your account quickly and easily, 24 hours a day.
  • Exclusive partner offers to Fuel 1 Holders.

For further detailed explanation on how the discount scheme works please check out the Fuel 1 website www.fuel1.com.au

Get Ready To Enjoy One Card That’s Accepted Australia Wide And Ready To Go Wherever You Are.